Algerian Jewish Sign Language: its emergence and survival


This book is concerned with Algerian Jewish Sign Language (AJSL) and the Algerian Jewish Sign Language community. AJSL developed naturally in the Jewish quarter of Ghardaia, a town in the sub-Saharan part of Algeria. A high percentage of deaf people lived in this quarter, and because of that a sign language emerged, and was used by both deaf and hearing members of the community. Many members of the AJSL community migrated to Israel in the middle of the twentieth century, where they have continued to use AJSL with friends and family members.

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Welcome to Ishara Press

Ishara Press is the publishing division of the Deaf Empowerment Foundation. Ishara is the word for ‘sign’ in a large area including the Arab world and several regions of Asia from Turkey via Iran and India up to Indonesia.

Sign Languages in Village Communities


A ‘deaf village’ is a fascinating setting. Due to long-standing hereditary deafness, both deaf and hearing people develop a local sign language that is used by the whole community. This publication reports on small-scale sign language using communities in a variety of settings - individual villages in Mexico and in India, Arab communities in Israel, and an extended ‘deaf’ family in Turkey. The lectures are signed by deaf researchers from the target countries and can also serve as a valuable resource material on the academic use of International Sign.

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Possessive and Existential Constructions


The volume also includes the full set of elicitation materials used for data collection in this cross-linguistic study, as well as a CD with video clips illustrating examples from the sign language data. 

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Desa Kolok – a deaf village and its sign language in Bali, Indonesia


Desa Kolok – literally ‘deaf village’ – in the north of Bali has a community with a unique sociolinguistic setting. The presence of genetic deafness over many generations has given rise to an indigenous sign language, Kata Kolok (‘Deaf Talk’), and socio-cultural adaptations to deafness. This book paints a compelling, vivid picture of the village community, the patterns of language use, the cultural significance of deafness, and the structure of the sign language.

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Citizenship and the Deaf Community


Citizenship is a much-debated concept both in academia and the public sphere, and Dr Emery is the first person to systematically explore it in relation to Deaf people. A Deaf sign language user himself, Dr Emery engages directly with Deaf citizens on political topics such as voting, jury service, immigration, education, employment, and group rights. He then carries out a critical discourse analysis of their views and those of elite stakeholders.

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