1. General information
These guidelines are meant for authors who are considering submitting their work to the academic publications portfolio of Ishara Press. Authors interested in publishing educational materials with Ishara Press should contact us for separate guidelines, since both strands of publications have different requirements.

Submissions to the academic publications portfolio are subject to peer review and to the editorial decisions made by the board and/or the academic advisory committee of the Deaf Empowerment Foundation, of which Ishara Press is a subsidiary.

Prospective authors should read the “publishing policies” on the Ishara Press website, which has information about the conditions under which Ishara Press publishes and disseminates academic works, as well as information about benefits for authors. Authors should also be aware of our language policy, and the possibility of including video data on CD in our publications. Being a non-profit publisher, Ishara Press does not normally pay royalties to authors.

These guidelines will be updated from time to time. For the most recent version, authors can refer to the guidelines available on the Ishara Press website under “information for authors”.

2. Procedure for submission of manuscripts
The preferred mode of all communication is by email to, except at the final stages of copyediting, where hardcopy and CDs may be used. The following steps are involved in submitting a manuscript:

2.1 Submission of a pre-proposal (see section 3. for further details)
Pre-proposals can be submitted by email any time. Ishara Press will respond to the pre-proposal within maximally 6 weeks from the date of submission. On the basis of the information provided in the pre-proposal, Ishara Press will either decide not to publish the manuscript, or will invite the author to submit more detailed documentation for peer review. This may involve submitting the entire work, or sending individual sample sections or chapters (especially if the whole work is not complete yet), including sending samples of video data if applicable.

2.2 Peer review process
The materials solicited from the author as a result of the pre-proposal stage (the entire work, or parts thereof) will be subject to a peer review process. Completed peer reviews will be procured by Ishara Press within 3-6 months from the date of submission, depending on the nature of the topic, the length of the work, and the stage in which the publication currently is (in progress or completed).

On the basis of the recommendations by peer reviewers, Ishara Press will decide whether or not to offer a publications agreement to the author. The publications agreement regulates all details with respect to the final submission, production and handling of the manuscript, as well as the benefits due to authors.

2.3 Editorial support and production phase
The author’s responsibilities during the editorial and production phase of the work are stated in the publications agreement. In view of the Publisher’s focus on non-Western sign languages and deaf cultures, Ishara Press offers a high level of editorial support to authors, including assistance with English-language manuscripts in cases where English is not the author’s first or preferred language. Ishara Press is also responsible for the entire copyediting and typesetting process. On average, the time it takes for a publication to come out after the final manuscript has been submitted is 3-4 months.

3. Details for submission of pre-proposals
The pre-proposal is a crucial stage in the editorial process, and authors should follow the guidelines carefully. There are formal and content-related requirements for the pre-proposal.

The pre-proposal consists of two parts (which can be in one and the same file), with the first part recording information about the work and the author, and the second part summarizing the content of the work. The first part should record the following information:

1. Provisional title of the work
2. Author’s contact details:
First author: (all correspondence will be addressed to the first author only)
- name and affiliation
- email address
- postal address
- fax / telephone / SMS / TTY
Other authors:
- names and affiliations
3. Language of the manuscript
- English only
- English and translation into other language(s), namely:
4. Type of work
- research monograph
- PhD thesis
- edited volume with contributions from multiple authors
- reference work
- other, namely:
- book (print only)
- book with accompanying data CD
- other, namely:
5. Estimated length of the work (in number of pages):
6. Whether the work is proposed for a series:
- Sign Language Typology series
- Research Forum series
7. Level of editorial support that will be required:
- English language support (for authors with English as a second language)
- technical support for processing video files
- any other, namely:
8. Give 2-7 keywords that categorize the content of the work
e.g. language acquisition, morphosyntax, language contact, X Sign Language, deaf culture in X
The second part should summarize the content of the proposed work in a style that is comprehensible to non-specialists in the field. The form of the summary is free, and would normally be about 2-6 pages in length. In addition to describing the contents of the book in terms of its main findings, methodology, theoretical issues, data basis etc, the text may also seek to address the following questions:

- Who is the work intended for? What kind of readership do you envisage for the work (students, researchers, etc)?

- What is it that makes this work special or unique? How does it differ from other similar works, and/or how does it relate to previously published works?

- How would your describe the possible impact of your work with respect to the academic community, the concerned language community, and educational and/or applied purposes (if applicable)?

- Why are you suggesting your work to be published by Ishara Press rather than another publisher?

The pre-proposal should also include a complete table of contents, including any peripheral items such as preface, index, appendix, and the like.

Pre-proposals can be sent by email to with the heading “Pre-proposal [your last name]” in the subject line. Ishara Press will confirm receipt of a pre-proposal by email. Authors preferring to submit their pre-proposal as a hard copy, can post it to the following address: